Old Age And Physical Therapy

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How many times do you think an elderly person has been bought to the emergency department of a hospital, following a fall? And when you ask them what happened and what caused the fall, one of the most common answers you’re going to get from them will be that they fell down because their knees gave away. Because they felt like their knees buckled under their weight, all of a sudden. This is a very common problem that most people face in old age. And of late people are finding out ways of solving this problem and giving the older population relief from the fear that has them hesitating to walk. First and foremost they need to have a good understanding of how their balance is maintained in the first place. And then it’s about working on the problem that is affecting their balance and thereby causing them to fall down frequently.

The factors that affect your balance

If you ask any doctor or physiotherapist regarding this problem of falls, they will tell you that there are many factors to consider when it comes to balance. Because in our body balance is controlled by our ears, our vision, our joints and most importantly by our brain. So if any of these are found to have a problem then it will definitely affect your balance and your ability to walk. Because we have to see where we are standing, our ears have to interpret this and well and then our joints have to make sure we are standing in the correct position, and all of this information is fed into the brain and then interpreted in such a way to give us a good understanding of where we are standing in the environment that surrounds us. So it’s a very complicated process that cannot be pin pointed to a single entity all at once. For further information about osteopathy please click here.

But the most common problem in old age that causes them to lose balance and fall down frequently is the weakened muscles and as a result poor joint position sensation which helps them identify where they are located in space. And this is the reason everybody in a leading physiotherapy clinic Singapore believes that with the correct treatment to strengthen the muscle power you can reduce the risk of falls in the elderly population. They have come up with some targeted exercises which help increase the stability of the joints by strengthening the muscles that surround the joint and as a result prevent the joints form giving away or buckling under weight.

In this manner they are trying to improve the ability of the elderly population to walk with freedom again.

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